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 Exotic Thai Night
Want to schedule an Exotic Thai cooking class with friends and/or family? Contact Us!  The cost is $65 per person.
Thai food is world famous these days.  It has been estimated that thre are now Thai restaurants in 13,000 locations around the world.  These eateries range from fast-food take-aways to up-scale restaurants.

Experience the explosion of the fresh and intense flavors of Thai food.  Learn how to combine the unique flavors from different fresh herbs like lemongrass, Thai ginger, mint leaves, cilantro, lime leaves, basil, chilies and garlic that distinguishes Thai cuisine as one of the very best on the planet.  Far and away one of the most favorite classes of Asian Cookery students!!  

Come prepared to learn!  All you'll need is a pencil to take some notes and an apron if you have one.  


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Upcoming Class Menu
Seafood Lemon Grass 
Thai Beef Salad
Thai Basil Chicken
   with Asparagus
Sweet Black Rice with
   Mangoes & Coconut 
   Ice Cream