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  Dim Sum 2
The translation of "dim sum" is "to touch the heart". It describes snacks that are meant to please the palate without overfilling the stomach.  Dim Sum includes steamed and fried dumplings, soft dough buns ('bao'), glutinous rice cakes, and all kinds of steamed, roasted or fried meats and seafoods.  Dim Sum 2 continues where Dim Sum left off, with more of these great little dishes--see the class menu to the right.

Come prepared to learn!  All you'll need is a pencil to take some notes and an apron if you have one.  In no time you will be "touching the heart" of all you cook for!  


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Upcoming Class Menu
Steamed Char Siu
   Pork Bun
Shrimp Rice Noodle
Sticky rice with Chicken
   & Mushrooms
Coconut Pudding